08 March 2015; At Sea.

The interesting thing for me this time is that I have never worked on a Vista Class ship, and that means that I have to learn my way around. To find where everything is, where everybody is working and living and also the routines on board which are different to the smaller ships, simply because the ship is bigger. As the HAL ships are progressions of each other, it is not so difficult to get a handle on the whole thing as the setup is very similar but with small twists. When Holland America built the S class, the guests were very happy with the end result. Spacious and comfortable ships with all the gadgets which were up and coming and exciting in 2002. A space ratio of 43.8 was the highest in the cruise industry for the premium market and that is still more or less the case. There was basically only one complaint and it was the fact that there was such a large distance between the forward and aft elevators. As Holland America tends to listen very carefully to the comments that are brought forward it resulted in the R – class which did have a 3rd or middle staircase. The extra section also gave space for more cabins and that made the accountants happy. A larger engine room space meant room for bigger engines and thus longer cruises or more ports could be done during a same length cruise. The next desire of the guests was: more balconies and the result was the Vista Class. Holland America went a little bit bigger because the competition went to Mega ships and being only slightly large meant we still could go through the Panama Canal. The next craze was more food outlets and thus with the Signature class the Tamarind restaurant made its entry. We still do not have 10 restaurants on board as NCL does but with a Main Dining room, a Lido, a Pinnacle, a Canaletto and a Tamarind we are not doing that badly either. I believe the lower number of restaurants will be rectified […]


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