10 March 2015, At Sea.

The shortest route from Fort Lauderdale to St. Maarten is above the Bahamian Islands, or at least close to the top. We sail south of Freeport and north of Nassau into the Atlantic Ocean keeping most of the Bahamian Islands, reefs and sand banks to the south. We use this route is if the weather is nice, otherwise we can go south via the Old Bahama Channel north of Cuba which gives the guests at least one day of shelter against an North Atlantic storm. But the weather is good and thus we go the North. Apart from a gentle movement at times the ship is as steady as a rock. We will have two sea days before the ship arrives in St. Maarten which looking at the schedule will be a full house with several big ships in. Although we left on an unusual day, Monday for the cruise ship cycle, we will be teaming up with other ships which have St. Maarten as their last port before returning to a home port in Florida. We had some excitement this morning as the ship had to deviate slightly to do a medical disembarkation. One of our guests had fallen ill overnight and needed more medical treatment than the ship could provide. Thus the captain made arrangements for the Noordam to call at the nearest island with landing facilities for a small plane or helicopter and that place was Princess Cays. As we are now one big happy family and especially Princess is very close, as we share the same President, it is of course very easy to go there. Princess Cays is for Princess what Half Moon Cay is for Holland America. Each is similar to each other in setup; each is different in what they offer on the island in facilities and entertainment. Thus the Noordam deviated from course, stopped at the anchorage, lowered a tender with the patient and brought the patient ashore to be collected for further transport. I am happy to announce that the patient is doing well. The whole operation took about an hour […]


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