Problems and a tournament soon

Hi Alois and Jeff, first I’d like to say thank you for all the awesome stuff you do for us. As I mentioned in my past questions I started to play table tennis a year ago, and I started to train a lot until now. In december 2014, I was really good (relatively for 9 months of playing). But then in summer I had a journey, so I stop my training for 2 months. And when I started to play again, I found myself in the situation where I cannot spin the ball quite a lot while serving, or even on topspin and sidespin strokes, i cannot brush the ball lot, I can’t even do a slow spinny topspin like before. Also, I was used to attack a lot on my backhand, and for the last two months, I focused a lot on my backhand block training, and I think I’ve mastered it now. But there’s a problem, now I cannot (or I don’t do it because of maybe some fear to the error) attack with my backhand as before, my forehand it’s quite good, but my backhand it’s not as strong as before,and now I can just chop and block the ball (not even a punch) with my backhand, and that’s a problem, because I used to be more of backhand player back in last year (BTW I’m of course an attacker). I have the national tournament here in Peru in just three moths, and I really want to improve my table tennis for that tournament, but with the school and the exams, and the fact that I’m also starting with a tech channel in YouTube (it’s a really important project for me), I don’t have a lot of time to train in a club like before. Now I train from Monday to Friday with two friends at my school (because at the break it’s the only free space that I have) which are of course way better than me, and that helps my quite a lot, but definitely, It’s not as good as having a coach, and a club to train in.
PD: Sorry if my English It’s not that good, here in Peru we speak spanish
Hoping you can help me, one of your biggest fans, Estefano.
Greetings from Peru. Thank you so much for reading.


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