Comment on I love you. by Wendell A. Brown

The greatest gift to give is to share love even when there may not be a reward in return, to love and do good to others will cause gems to blossom within when you have a giving sharing spirit. Carolyn my sister, I love God, so it is always easy for me to love and not hate another, there were times when I did not like or love myself when I was younger also. But in those times he never deserted you or me, because we did not know what he was planting inside. Many hated our Lord, yet he still loved us all and offered up the most ultimate price for everyone. Well I always see His spiritual image in your words and well as His genuine selfless love. It is actually a pleasure to love you my sister because we both are part of that same living vine. You are a wonderful exquisite treasure…and my world is made better in knowing you, and your sharing heart which God blessed you with. God bless you and your family, and have a very amazing weekend!


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